Laura Rice Announced New Veteran Ambassador

April 17, 2016

Heart Songs For Veterans announced today…

“Proud to announce a NEW Heart Songs for Veterans Ambassador representing the Great State of Virgina, Veteran Marine Laura Rice Music ! #heartsongs
Hailing from rural New Kent, Virginia, Laura Rice has been on stage for as long as she can remember. Laura was raised in a musical family and spent many summers singing for family and friends; her family has been the largest contribution to her love and devotion of music.

After graduating high school, Laura enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and during her term of service she had the honor of performing in several events. Some of her greatest honors included; singing of the National Anthem at various retirements, promotions, and special military ceremonies. Her most memorable and prestigious honor, second to serving her country, was the opportunity to represent the United States Marine Corps by singing the National Anthem at a minor-league baseball game on Marine Corps night.

Early in Laura’s singing career, Laura competed in Nashville Star during the first season, which aired on the USA network in 2003. Despite the fact she did not make the finals, she did progress far enough in the competition to have the opportunity to perform for Sony Records.

After taking time off to pursue academic success, Laura was blessed with the opportunity to join “TypeCast,” a Hampton Roads based band. Laura’s experience and performance with “TypeCast” has re-ignited her passion and vigor for music once more. The wonderful experience and the opportunity to work with such talented artists have inspired her to seek out further musical opportunities and to expand her musical repertoire.

Performing with “TypeCast” has given Laura many amazing experiences including the opportunity to sing at national venues such as; The NorVa, and The National in Virginia, as well as Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee. Laura’s current solo project is an emotional song dedicated to the women serving in the military.”

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